SSV Corporation,
that used to be a trading
division of our parent company,

Soosung Valve Ind. Co., Ltd.,
was established on September 19, 2012 and located in the downtown of Goyang city, suburb of Seoul.

As a professional trading house while representing more than fifteen Korean valve makers as our sub-vendors and also an export window of Soosung Valve Ind. Co., Ltd. who is specializing in the manufacture of Dual plate check valve, we will be well prepared to satisfy our customer’s requirement.

SSV has supplied various kinds of Korean quality valves to the foreign customers for applications ranging from oil and gas refinery to offshore platform, chemical plant, power generation, steel industry, ship building, water systems, pulp and paper mill, etc. Over the past years, SSV has grown into one of the leading specialty valve suppliers with a motto of “One stop solution of quality Korean valves”.

Serving the plumbing industry for over three decades, SSV is dedicated to provide quality, specially engineered products and service at the most competitive price.